Pliny the Elder is recursive

Keys From The Golden Vault live from Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA, continues this week with the Stygian Gambit–a casino heist. This week our second-level heroes – Top Hat (Rogue), Snow in the Mountain (Fighter), Swallow the River (Rogue), Kite in the Sky (Rogue), Missing Fingers (Rogue), and Julie Newmar (Ranger) were joined by new players Grease in the Greasier, Deacon Dupree (Rogue), and Carolus Rex the Eyeless–continue the heist as the casino descends into a lack of fire in Hell!

Carolus Rex the Eyeless (Paladin played by Adam) is based on Scarecrow
Deacon Dupree (Rogue played by Rock) is based on Brother Dupree
Feather on the River (cleric played by Brain) is Killer Croc. It may have been renamed Swallow on the River.
Grease in the Greasier (Barbarian played by Oishi) is Man-Bat
Julie Newmar (ranger played by Lance) is Ra’s al Ghul
Kite in the Sky
Missing Fingers
Snow on the Mountain
(fighter played by Lewis) is mentored by Two-Face,
Swallow the River (cleric played by Brian) is a follower of Zoltec, the Crocodile god of death from Chult.
Top Card (rogue played by Glenn) is Cat Women without the slapstick

Weird night of D&D. I am planning to take the characters to Innistrad and the whole Magic the Gathering universe at third level — after this heist is over.

Table was crowded, but they seem to be having a good time. I am interested is speeding things up a bit.

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