Snatch and Three Dragon Ante

Keys From The Golden Vault live from Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA, continues this week with the Stygian Gambit–a casino heist. This week our second-level heroes – Top Hat (Rogue), Snow in the Mountain (Fighter), and Julie Newmar (Ranger)–watch a circus, explore the employees-only section, learn to play Three Dragon Ante and prepare to rob the Afterlife Casino.

Top Card (rogue played by Glenn) is Cat Women without the slapstick
Julie Newmar (ranger played by Lance) is Ra’s al Ghul
Snow on the Mountain (fighter played by Lewis) is mentored by Two-Face

We did some exploration. I did some gender identification discrimination. We set up for next week.

I am still very much loving the Blackwing Dice case

I was not that well prepared and my role play was soft this week–not ideal; but, I think that the players still had some fun.

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