Laxatives in the Spa

Keys From The Golden Vault live from Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA continues this week with the Stygian Gambit–a casino heist. This week our second level heroes – Swallow in the River (Cleric), Top Hat (Rogue), Snow in the Mountain (Fighter), and Julie Newmar (Ranger)–mostly wander around a casino create chaos. Very few rolls and even fewer attacks for those of you who love role play sessions!

Top Card (rogue played by Glenn) is Cat Women without the slapstick may be addicted to Chez-Its.
Julie Newmar (ranger played by Lance) is Ra’s al Ghul dated Anais while in boarding school
Snow on the Mountain (fighter played by Lewis) is mentored by Two-Face and an export in the Life or Death dice game.
Swallow on the River (cleric played by Brain) is Killer Croc. It may have been renamed Swallow on the River raised a viper.

My DM notebook was mostly around the characters again.

I had the characters draw the trophy at the Afterlife Casino Three-card ante tournament

Here is the results.

Brian won and has his piece displayed in the shop!

Also, I moved my dice from the D&D branded dice bag to the Blackwing Pencil Limited Edition 20 Gaming Pencil box

The lid can be used as a cup to hold the commonly rolled dice pools.

Which is rad.

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