Without the basic needs covered, would art still be that important? What is art devoid of its context? Maybe it’s just a ‘symbol’ — a shadow of real life — we choose to give value to, due to our sophisticated perception. Can we escape this trap of altered perception and witness an objective truth? What would be the circumstance to trigger such an escape? Could the answer be the redemptive nature of art?

Jack, Kate, and I went and saw this at the Spectrum. We got our photos in the D&D display.

Jack gave the film a two. Kate gave the film a two. I gave the film a four. ehere was good art. There was good acting. The end credit music was Radiohead.

I feel the film was massively based on Rime, but there was a strong Blake (Fallen Angel [from a helicopter], Seven minutes to survive, missing self-portrait, etc.)

There was also a ton of art that I had not seen–very hip contemporary pieces.

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