Caterers, Curators, and, Cultists

This season we are using the rule “floor dice count”; basically if you roll a die there must be a result–even if it falls on the floor or is cocked we will try to determine the result. I was the first victim of this rule with this classic table gapper!

Keys From The Golden Vault live from Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA. This week our tabaxi heroes flee the museum pursued by the Heroes of the D&D Movie. The jump from the roof with the Murkmire stone and hightail it to the office where they start questioning their decision! In the end they are able to complete the heist and level up

It was the regular crew, minus Brian with a new player I meet in the shop while we were starting up.

I used the pregens from D&D Beyond for the movie characters.

My DM notebook worked great yesterday–the characters now have name, background, rouge gallery archetype, and catchphrase.

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