• Alan
  • All Quiet on the Western Front
  • android makes it green
  • Ann vs Jane
  • Award for Asians
  • Boning
  • Borderline botch hair
  • Boysen
  • But Ann
  • Clark, Maddox
  • Cloud Nine
  • Clouds go to eleven
  • Clouds start at Zero
  • Cloud Ten
  • Daily
  • Did not like the prepper
  • Do not should on yourself
  • Drink the water
  • Exaggeration Bret
  • Exaggeration David
  • Felt like judgement
  • Film Festival
  • Hall & Oates vs The Police
  • Hate is a strong word, we don’t have energy for that shit
  • Hollywood is Bullshit
  • Hollywood is bullshit
  • How do we know you are not an alien
  • Hyperbolic Bret
  • Hyperbolic David
  • Integration is bullshit
  • Integration is hard
  • iPhone is blue
  • it is not about the paperwork
  • Jean
  • Kapaau
  • Kapaau is my password seed
  • Keep Try Drop
  • Last day of class
  • Last of Us

Less than too
Less than two
Less then too
Less then two
Lydia July 6
Lydia not Linda
Martina Carmen Gonzales
MATLAB on a naval base
Meth lab on a naval base
Monsters & Men
Nascar race
Never trust Kate Blanchette Again

  • Old Boy (film)
  • opposite of start is finish
  • Opposite of start is stop
  • Pamela after divorce
  • Pamela not Pam
  • Parallax
  • Pinching is triggering
  • Pinching results in punch in the face
  • Pinching under the table
  • PJ Harvey
  • Prepper vs Pepper
  • Race car
  • Requiem for a dream
  • Requiem for a Dream
  • Scissors will change things
  • Shot someone in the back over a gambling debt
  • Smooth is fast
  • Spiderhead (Netflix)
  • Star Trek
  • Stopping is the start
  • The Cure is patronizing
  • Top Gun
  • Trawler Bret
  • Trawler David
  • Weird
  • What is the goal
  • Who is this
  • Whorf sees Picard
  • Why
  • Why is this
  • Yesterday was the last day of class

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