Alda is a Women

Keys From The Golden Vault live from Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA. This week our tabaxi heroes identify with characters from Batman’s rouge gallery in which our party of tabaxi Top Card (rogue played by Glenn) is Cat Women without the slapstick, Julie Newmar (ranger played by Lance) is Ra’s al Ghul, Snow on the Mountain (fighter played by Lewis) is mentored by Two-Face, and Feather on the River (cleric played by Brain) is Killer Croc. It may have been renamed Swallow on the River. Dylan joined with a character–we have hazing rules in place for new players (in this case, we rolled his stats) named Lion in the Pocket (illusionist), who Brian calls Spit on the Ground.

The Golden Vault museum heist of the Murkmire Malevolence continued mostly with casing the museum and preparing for the actual heist.

The players drew the Logo of the Museum

My DM notes are mostly from the beginning of the adventure about the players and the characters.

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