Tabaxi go to college – the Murkmire Malevolence

Keys From The Golden Vault live from Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA. This week is character creation and the start of the Murkmire Malevolence in which our party of tabaxi Top Card (rogue played by Glenn), Julie Newmar (ranger played by Lance), Snow on the Mountain (fighter played by Lewis), and Feather on the River (cleric played by Brain) are hired by the Golden Vault for a museum heist.

I love starting sessions with character creation and I love where this session went!

Actress Julie Newmar in a scene from the movie “Li’l Abner” (Photo by Donaldson Collection/Getty Images)

I love that each adventure has their own key icon.

And I had the characters draw their own version of key based on my description and then vote for the winner.

Having two tables running makes the store feel very lived in.

We had a ton of space with only four players at the table.

The kids are having a ton of fun.

I rolled video for YouTube.

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