Waiting Room – Burger Master, Funny Arm, and Falling Spiders

Anther great week of D&D at Alakazam Comic Shop in Irvine, California. We are playing a largely laughable Curse of Strahd adventure with a lot of Pastel Goth overtones!

This week we had a massive table at the Curse of Strahd game that DM Ricard is running. The party is very role-play heavy and I think I only rolled one die for initiative the entire session! We are early on in the game and meet with the Burgermeister to protect the women who Strahd is focused on, meeting his one-armed henchmen and basically telling jokes. A very fun session!

Cody did not get the memo and attempted the only attack role of the session–dropping on the henchman as a spider and then drawing dual scimitars to attack! He was struck for 18 bludgeoning and knocked unconscious.

There were a lot of us at the table, so several player did not get a lot of screen time this week

I did video the session and posted it to youtube.

Also, very excited to get the new Heist book from Wizards of the Coast which I will likely start running next week.

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