Strange Love — End Of Campaign

Final night of the adventure ends in player vs. player Highlander combat!

The Geneva Suggestion, a group of oozology characters playing in Alakazam’s Living Forgotten Realms Encounters Adventure League, complete the genocide of Xaryxis space, destroying the star system and completely killing all the astral elves only to return to their home planet and have a player vs. player duel. What a mess!

Ravenous Spectral Pores

By exercising
cryptic tales of ponies & harems
I distract
from whatever cause is pouring
vis a vis necessitous solar inferno as mirrors reflect one’s ravenous spectral pores
that condenses as a summary form of glass
so should I wander across its sums
I understand that my speculation issues from tornadic rivers
from ice-hot temperatures
so that I am both sans & simultaneous
concerning billions & billions
of curious antecedents

Will Alexander from Divine Blue Light for John Coltrane

Dylan’s mini collection is really improving!

This is the final battle of the Zodar and Empress attacking the party.

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