Armada Building

The Geneva Suggestions, a group of Oozologists playing Alakazam’s Living Forgotten Realms Encounters Adventure League continue their adventure in the realm of Spelljammer committing war crimes. Escaping the Arena of Blood, they attack the Astral Elves, capturing the flagship and creating a coalition of forces to attack Xaryxis, the Astral Elves’ home world, to prevent the evil prince from ascending the throne and his father from attaining godhead.

Fewer players at the table meant that combat moved a lot faster. And I was able to do more damage knocking several characters unconscious multiple times!

The table snacks were once again on point with some amazing orange chocolate being this weeks highlight for me.

And this was the most amazing thing of the evening! Last week Brian and I had been arguing if there were 100 comics better then Umbrella Academy–this week Ryan made a list. An actual list. Handwritten. Of one hundred and one comics that are better then Umbrella Academy. Alakazam is the best comic shop and Ryan is a good damn AMERICAN institution. So Damn Good.

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