Your 2023 Horoscope Leo & Leo Rising

This new year has you aiming high and delving deep to actualize your potential.  On May 16th, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and wisdom, enters Taurus, showering blessings over your career and greater calling. Whether you’re smashing glass ceilings at work or experiencing visibility like never before, support is on your side.  Jupiter in Taurus favors consistency. Plant the seeds for success that you yearn for, and tend to them with devotion — as you would a fig tree or pot of thyme. Diligence helps even the wildest aspirations to blossom. Pluto, the transformer, brings its shapeshifting magic to your partnerships starting March 23rd, when it enters the sign of Aquarius. While Pluto will only journey through Aquarius for three months in 2023, it will return to Aquarius again in 2024, where it will remain for twenty years. Pluto’s brief stay in Aquarius this year foreshadows the profound changes to come over the next two decades.  At the heart of this work: dismantling the patterns that block you from greater intimacy. This won’t always be a joyous journey, but it will initiate the transformation you need in order to reach the next level in your unions. Think of it like alchemy: transfiguring heavy lead into glittering relationship gold. You’ll enter your own metamorphosis in 2023, when Venus retrogrades in Leo between July 22nd and September 3rd. Venus rules love, beauty, and art. The ancients perceived Venus retrogrades as underworld journeys, as the planet draws so close to the Sun it disappears from our sky. Similarly, this journey will require you to shed the layers of yourself that you’ve outgrown in the name of reclaiming some essential part of yourself that you may have lost connection to. Think of this year as a renaissance. For altar suggestions, rituals, meditations, journal prompts, and sign-specific readings for your year, check out the 2023 Year Ahead now on the CHANI app and on

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