Bulette, aileron rolls, and croupier’s rake

The Oozologists of Alakazam’s Living Forgotten Realms Encounters Adventure League continue their adventure in the realm of Spelljammer. Bulettes leap from the planet’s surface as our heroes travel to the Arena of Blood!

Croupier’s rake

Plotters were employed on an early form of air traffic monitoring that played a vital role in World War II, particularly during the Battle of Britain, The Blitz, and the bombing of British cities. They worked at individual RAF stations’ Sector Control Rooms or in the central Group Control Rooms that directed the operations of RAF fighters. Most plotters were female members of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAFs).[1]

Aileron Rolls

Aileron rolls are flown with the rudder and elevator in the neutral position during the roll. The aileron is fully deflected in the direction of the roll. This is the easiest of the rolls to fly. The aileron roll is started by pulling the nose up to 20 – 30 degrees above the horizon. The elevator is then neutralized, and the aileron is fully deflected in the direction of the roll. The controls are maintained in that position till the roll is completed. After the roll is completed, the nose is usually 20 – 30 degrees below the horizon.

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