You are not thirsty.

  • 1899 – eight episodes on season one (Netflix)
  • 5000 votes
  • A/A => Action / Anxiety
  • Accepting suffering feels like giving in
  • Accepting suffering is not defeat
  • A different level of listening
  • Akita is big and friendly.
  • Charm school by Demille (book)
  • Christie movie
  • The circle of chairs is in a story.
  • Criticism
  • Does she like Marietta?
  • Do not like it
  • Eyeball
  • Friendship – attribute(support)
  • Friendship – Breadth vs. depth
  • Friendship – orthogonal time
  • Gingerbread
  • Henry is cheating at drawing.
  • The highlight is only yellow
  • How to blow up your life and be the biggest looser of all time
  • Hurting
  • I am not the only person who has ideas
  • I have used other color highlighters, but I did not like it
  • Jay rented a house
  • Jimi Hendrix’s new album
  • Knowing when to help
  • Leonard Cohen’s “It’s getting darker.”
  • Midnight Diner – 5 seasons (Netflix)
  • Moffatt has an Akita.
  • Never repeat a success.
  • Night of the living dead deals with racism
  • Not giving away the platform
  • Occupational ship
  • The only thing they had to use
  • Over 5000 votes
  • Period of angry
  • Pork cutlets
  • Roll into work
  • The second time is never better.
  • The sequel is better than the original – Evil / Dead
  • The sequel is better than the original – Superman II
  • The sequel is better than the original – Terminator II
  • Sunset Stampede on Sunday night (Bollens)
  • The vague
  • Tina rented her house.
  • You are not thirsty

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