1. Alcoholics are really angry
  2. At my house, we talk about nothing.
  3. Conflict vs. connection
  4. Councilmen Henry Duke’s bench at the HB Library
  5. Dad is alcoholic
  6. Dad is womanizer
  7. Dad is not catholic enough.
  8. Dad is not Christian enough.
  9. David Duke (KKK and may have run for president)
  10. Denali is the great one
  11. don’t know where I am going until I get there
  12. Do you love driving?
  13. Effectiveness and understanding
  14. Fixed political ideology in the ’20s
  15. George Galloway
  1. Hungry, angry, tired, lonely
  2. I found neither ease nor growth in the group
  3. Leave the cult because it is dysfunctional
  4. Life is conflict
  5. Love driving my car
  6. Make the terrible ok
  7. Man connects with a man.
  8. Man connects with nature.
  9. Man vs. body
  10. Man vs. conformity
  11. Man vs. death
  12. Man vs. does it need to be man or mankind
  13. Man vs. God
  14. Man vs. himself
  15. Man vs. ideas
  1. Man vs. identity
  2. Man vs. man
  3. Man vs. medicine
  4. Man vs. nature
  5. Man vs. nature
  6. Man vs. nature
  7. Man vs. society
  8. Man vs. space
  9. Man vs. technology
  10. Man vs. time
  11. Man vs. women
  12. Mike love driving
  13. Millikan Shorthand – ja is just ask
  14. Millikan Shorthand – jb is just because
  15. Millikan Shorthand – jk is just known
  1. Movie – Diva
  2. Movie – Last Temptation of Christ
  3. Movie – Strangers when we Met
  4. Not drinking
  5. Nothing work(ed)s
  6. Obedience vs. sacrifice
  7. Precept – a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought.
  8. Problem-solving
  9. Ridiculous performance football halftime show Bebe Rexha
  10. Robot vs. robot
  11. Slices so thin that they fall apart
  12. Take my keys – bare minimum
  13. Teleos – an ultimate object or aim.
  14. Thanksgiving October 1621
  15. Very simple measure
  16. What type of connection do we make?
  17. Who am I

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