Triple Crit!

Once again, it is pie night at D&D! The greatest of all suburban holidays, pie night is an annual tradition, and it was off the hook this year! Son Cody and my wife Lisa made this amazing bad boy with apples and berries!

And there were lots of other amazing treats!

Even son Jack showed up to the festivities.

Of course, team Schwarm did not get enough pie so we had to stop on the drive home!

The game was rather nuts with 13 players and a fairly long complicated combat.

There were some amazing moments–I remember the horse stampede and Cody’s zombie swarm most clearly.

Here is a look at my DM notebook!

We did have some great questions like:

  1. Does a sharknado work in space? (Answer was Yes from shop owner Marco)
  2. DM Richard vs Ayn Rand (Richard)
  3. The myth of the sugar rush (I am not sure about this one)
  4. Are jellyfish sentient (no idea)
  5. The worst book made into a movie? (answer Giver)

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