Gamex 2022

Jack, Cody, and I hustled up to LA after the Bakkila Wedding to get some gaming in! This was our first CON since COVID, and we were ready to get our rolls on!

Dealer Room

Cody got a crazy d-100, we named it HULK. I got a weird candle and mountain dew soap. we bought a bunch of dice envy grab bags. We did paint and take mini’s


Cody was way over-hyped for the PvP tournament.


The Artemis scene is not what it once was–basically, some kids join in every game—the event organizers running the event join teams. So the days of the six-man squad are gone, and I miss it.

Nuclear War

I have checked out this game seven of the 22 times it has been circulated – one-third of the time!

We played two times, and Jack won both games.

D&D Adventure League – Radiant Citadel

Super Smash Brothers

Cody got second. It was rad.


This was a mess of weirdness–Cody did not enjoy his first exposure to the most excellent edition. We will try again next CON.

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