Yet another great Friday morning at frogs!

This week we spent organizing the upcoming film festival, planning the Sunrise Dispatch, and discussing the paradox of Emotional Awareness.

  • 10/01/22 Saturday
  • 10th step buddy
  • A great movie
  • A river runs through it
  • Alien is scary
  • Are they any women who have not been cheated on
  • Bad guys get it in the end
  • Burning Witch festival
  • Camping tarp laid down
  • Cannot process alcohol
  • Cheating on them
  • Cheese board
  • Chili recipes
  • Commit to it
  • Deepthroat
  • Desert father, Doug
  • Don’t edit your friend’s email
  • Don’t look it up; make it up
  • Errol Flynn
  • Errol morris
  • Financing
  • Fourth step workshop
  • Friends don’t lie
  • Friends don’t lie (hat)
  • Last first day of high school
  • Long and meandering
  • Lydia chacuterie liaison
  • Mariachi band
  • Movie about men
  • Movie for the film festival
  • Movies about journalists
  • Naivete
  • Ne puppy
  • No more social media
  • Open and failed
  • Other
  • Parking is not house
  • Pope speaks gay Latin
  • Rehab as impediment
  • Restarting backroom
  • SNL skit about recording a call-in for a fondue set
S1 E20 | 05/15/76
Dyan Cannon and Leon and Mary Russell
Dyan Cannon hosts with musical guests Leon and Mary Russell
  • Self-identified Locutions
  • Shopping commitment
  • Strava
  • Trump bay virgin islands
  • Will be exsanguinated (book)
  • Witch burning festival


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