Eye Poppers!

Another great week of D&D Encounter Adventurers League Living Forgotten Realms at Alakazam Comics in Irvine, CA. This week the party finally agreed on a Team Name–the EYE POPPERS!

The shop’s wi-fi is not secure at all.

Here are my top 15 YouTube search terms:

  1. Bakugan how to play
  2. binax covid test at home instructions
  3. daredevil dog meme
  4. flash flood
  5. Gamefly commercial
  6. hexbug junkbots
  7. how to play Bakugan
  8. lego star wars bad batch
  9. lego street sweeper
  10. psalm 3
  11. psalm 48
  12. psalm 5
  13. psalm 72
  14. psalm 9
  15. trash cans

Cody and I tried to get amazing cookies at the new cookie shop this week, but they were closed for emergency maintenance which is likely not promising news.

Reshif was rad again this week–she cast Faerie fire and shoved a remorhaz fetus in her eyeball socket.

Table mini game continues to improve and evolve.

And the Pinkie Pie stands on a die are a significant improvement!

Cool full moon.

And wild blurry drive home was captured while trying to take a picture of the cool moon.


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