Your Guide to the Week of August 1st

How to make the most of this week 🎯 … The start of the week lights a few fireworks, as Mars in Taurus conjoins the North Node and Uranus on August 1st. (Think of it as a three-shots-of-espresso plus turbulence kind of situation.) If your sense of urgency reaches a boiling point, remember that most things don’t actually require an instant response. Sometimes it takes a shakeup to recognize the strategies that support you the most (and the ones you’ve grown out of). 

Take breaks during this process. Even a simple gesture like taking a deep breath or lighting a candle can nourish your inner peace and groundedness. 

By August 2nd, Venus in Cancer arrives with cups of rosehip tea to soothe all your frayed nerves. Take time to mind map, play diplomat, and connect the dots. Find creative solutions to any questions left hanging. As Mercury returns to its Virgo home base on August 3rd, no problem will be too complex to solve — especially if you break it down.The breakdown 🔮 …

  • July 31st: 
    • The Sun trines Jupiter at 3:36 pm PT
  • August 1st
    • Mars conjunct the North Node at 10:55 am PT and Uranus at 4:53 pm PT
  • August 2nd
    • Venus sextiles Uranus at 5:25 am PTand Mars at 7:00 pm PT
  • August 3rd
    • Mercury enters Virgo at 11:58 pm PT
  • August 7th
    • Venus trines Neptune at 9:43 am PT

Tarot card of the week 🃏 … We chose the Tower to honor this week’s cosmic storm in Taurus, where the pileup between fiery Mars, disruptive Uranus, and the hungry North Node takes place. This card also corresponds specifically to the planet Mars, who is one of the main movers and (literal) shakers in the lineup. At its base, the Tower card represents a collapsing structure. It tells us that some habit, system, or worldview is no longer load-bearing. Though it can be jarring to recognize what’s not working, it can also feel relieving to let it fall away. This is not always fun or lighthearted work, but the release is a crucial threshold in our growth journey.

With this card, reflect on any abrupt changes or plot twists you’ve experienced in the past. What did you learn about yourself or your situation? What superpowers or skills did you find in the rubble? How did they help you grow?

Affirmation of the week 😌 … I forgo what’s easy in order to create what’s revolutionary.

What to read and listen to 📚 … Your Horoscope for the Sun in Leo and Mars in Taurus; Your Reading and Guided Meditation for the week.

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