Leo & Leo Rising

As Mars enters Taurus, its injection of adrenaline will shake up the loftier things in life: your career, your vocation, and the mark you leave on this world. It’s time to use this energy to realign your professional path with your most fiery passions. Yes, you can have your professional cake (or chili-infused chocolate) and eat it too. 

Use the coming weeks to survey the competition and commit to doing things better — and with greater flair, of course. Just remember that Mars in Taurus is a slow-burn, so you’ll want to take this career ascent day by day and focus on stamina rather than a brief flurry of fireworks. For every great professional leap forward, you’ll need to regulate your nervous system. Rally your tapping videos, cold showers, and nature walks — whatever takes you back into the body and the present moment. 

On August 1st, Mars and Uranus will crackle on, reminding you that glass ceilings are for shattering. Push the envelope of your field’s status quo. Challenge the industry norms. Chuck an apple into polite society. Even if you’re moving toward a career that doesn’t even exist yet, trust that the world will eventually catch up with your lightning speed.


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