Only three people at FROGS today. Low attendance means deeper conversation. Here are some more detailed maps of where Sunday’s Alex Always Kumbaya Barbeque will be held.

And here are some of the See Also references from the Prisig Wikipedia page–I am very jealous of this and pray that one day my Wikipedia page has a similar list.


  1. Why cards
  2. 100% 10th Steps in June
  3. Connected to that much
  4. Tina was not a single mom
  5. A little disappointed
  6. Tool Manager
  7. Glad she was there
  8. No one from Sunrise came
  9. Jesse co-worker outed
  10. Jesse’s brother and son have the same position. the brother drank two 1/2 gallons a day, which is a gallon, and died.
  11. Better driver when I drive fast.
  12. Cut it and ate it and left it there.
  13. We created a boundary we do not talk about Fran or Alcoholism.
  14. Why can I not accept my wife’s addiction
  15. Sometimes I am frustrated he will start talking
  16. Are you taking attendance? You are going to 3 a week
  17. Adobe tech support
  18. You did not say that?
  19. Absorb.

A look at our meeting schedules for the week.

And this is a very mature Zettlekasten.


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