Ways to honor the June Solstice:


Build an altar to the Sun. Dress it with a yellow or gold cloth and flowers, or other items that invoke solar qualities, such as lion figures or golden trinkets.


If possible, go foraging. Gather any flowers, plants, fruits, leaves, or pine cones that are available in your area at this time of year. Place your finds on your altar.


Open all of your blinds and windows to welcome the Sun into your home. Adorn your space with fresh flowers or foliage if possible.


Gather with the people that light you up. Gather around a fire. Share food, pour libations, play games, and share stories about what this time of year reminds you of. 


Consider a project, relationship, or person in your life that you want to nurture. Form a plan about how you are going to show up. Make care of your ritual this Cancer season. 


See if you have any planets or points in Cancer by pulling up your birth chart on the CHANI app or using our online chart tool. Then, read your horoscope for the Sun in Cancer — here or in the app — and reflect on what the June Solstice is ripening or illuminating in your life.


Do a guided meditation to work with the energies of the season. (We recommend listening to our Connection, Spacious, and Wholeness meditations, which can be found in the Meditation Library of the CHANI app and are free for Premium subscribers.)

Above all, this Solstice asks you to honor what is ripening in your life. This is your time to celebrate every fruit of your labor. Indulge in the relationships, projects, and pastimes that center on joy.


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