Breakfast burrito


  1. David
  2. Kevin
  3. Rob
  4. Prema
  5. Scott
  6. Tina


  1. Cut her hair
  2. Max
    1. Ronnie and Scott talked to him
  3. Conversation with himself
  4. Tina/Martin wedding on July 4th
  5. Alex Always Bar-B-Queue
  6. Schmear
    1. A verb
  7. Questions
    1. Decide if I am going to talk to my daughter about my behavior yesterday
      1. Pause is warranted before the talk, perhaps
    2. How does nothing generate heat
      1. Everthi9ng is a paradox
      2. Heat escapes black holes
        1. Ruins things
      3. Heat of nothingness
        1. Marriage analogy
        2. Rebellious
    3. Does Cake matter?
    4. What is the meaning of life?
      1. Douglas Adams
      1. Is forgiveness real?
  8. Artist vs Artiste?
    1. One is in French
    2. I do not know how to spell it
  9. Liar
    1. Bet paid for my breakfast
    2. Barbie is right–math is hard
  10. My problem is Paul
    1. Self-centered thing?
    2. Identifying with the image is problematic
  11. Pumpkin seeds
    1. The shell guy was not there
  12. Eyes that see, ears that hear but everything is written in the book
  13. 95 Days bathroom is done
    1. 6/10 @ 7 Movie Party
  14. Homes is for himself
  15. The state of Rhode Island is called the Rhode Island and the Palestine Plantations
  16. A sanction with a reality is not a sanction
    1. Even the election
  17. Stat of PA and Commonwealth
  18. How did hide do
  19. Disembowelment
  20. Draw and quarter
  21. Awareness
  22. A trove of women
  23. Use your imagination
  24. You cannot call a 25 year old a handful
  25. I have four daughters
  26. Argentinian goodbye

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