Kevin won the bathroom remodel bet
  1. Rebbe Nachmann would not consider himself Ukrainian.
    1. Jews were not allowed to be citizens
    2. Jewish as a country
  2. Pre-Napoleonic Jews all live in ghettos
  3. Rebbe vs Rabbi
  4. Love in Philadelphia
  5. Friendship
    1. Church
    2. Coworkers
    3. high school
    4. family
    5. childhood
  6. Movie night 6/10/22
  7. In the final scene Moby Dick in the penultimate scene of Moby Dick
  8. Swiss Coffee White vs Egg Shell White
  9. Diabetics do not eat pineapple
    1. Craisins?
    2. Impact on blood sugar.
  10. Jay said, James
  11. Name of the handout at funerals
    1. Funeral program
  12. Name of post-funeral lunch
    1. Celebration?
    2. Repast
  13. 99%
  14. 40% of the crowd
  15. Elopement
  16. Melange
  17. And then there is Fortran.
  18. Define womanizer
    1. Adultery?
    2. Jimmy carter sense
    3. Player vs Womanizer
    4. Flirtatious is an ability
    5. An unsuccessful flirt is a masochist
  19. Politics is impotent
  20. Arrogance is judgment
  21. that hurt more
  22. Related question
  23. People with Dogs
  24. Friendship
  25. I am obligated to show up for life, I would rather not
  26. It is declarative
Swiss coffee white
a bathroom sconce
Definition of a womanizer.

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