Brainstorming Session for Sunrise Dispatch — V.1 N.2


  • Bravery vs courage (close to stupidity)
  • Founder’s Day
  • Identity First
  • To exclamation
  • Issue on Meaning
  • New Beginnings
  • Adventure
  • Songs (Summer of Love, Summer in the City, Hot in the City, Hot August Night, etc)
  • Suburban Summer
  • NYC Summer Subway smell of urine
  • People who have June Birthdays
  • French Liberty is a condom


  • Repeal the sanctions – Henry
  • Ed is moving – Chris
  • What about Foghat: Bravery vs Courage – Juliette
  • Dear Abby – QA – Advice Colomun – Tina
  • Color Clarity Cut: The Diamond
  • Face News
  • Suggestion Box
  • Op-ed
  • Mind Mapping
  • Dispatch is to destroy: Obiturary of Deckhand

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