Another great Friday morning at Lost Bean.

Scott made the following request

I was thinking about Camus from a morning ready–just such a great guy.

Tina and Kevin posted up early, under our new favorite picture.

There were guys speaking Turkish in line, which sounded European to Rob, and was in fact spoken with a Romanian accent. The women behind the counter had a lot of tattoos including Help Me in Yiddish which Rob enjoyed translating–it really was a magical line. I had to wait for a fresh pot and they did not bring the coffee to me–did not matter, it was so distracting today that I let it get cold and did not even drink it.

Quiche looked good but was ignored.

and the pineapple was ignored because it has too much sugar.

This is the pass Ronnie and Scott hiked–they did it during the summer when there was not snow. This looks rough.


  1. Turkish from Romania
  2. Rob translating Tattoo–help me
  3. I get a napkin
    1. Suck an egg
    2. You got it for you
  4. Cup of coffee from Panera bread
    1. Sip club
    2. Any beverage free now until July 4
    3. After that $10.99 a month
    4. Coffee is ok, not delicious
    5. User Robs phone number
  5. Bill a paragon after he wrote the book–NOT
  6. Good coffee
  7. Recognize my improvement
  8. How was the meeting
    1. 17 people (on came to frogs)
    2. 6 people (four came to frogs)
  9. Perry said we go within or expand outward
    1. Compress or expand
    2. Something
  10. Picture of Maddox
  11. Marcus runs 50 miles
    1. Feel the dopamine sizzle
  12. Self-care is tired
    1. Meditation is not self-care
  13. You are getting normative
  14. Self-care is not being obsessed about self-care
    1. If they are against you, I am against them
    2. Love means what you say does not matter
  15. Orson Welles
    1. Other side of the wind
    2. Documentary about Other side of the wind
    3. Voice of Pirates of the Carrabin
  16. First Drink
    1. Never got an answer
  17. Kevin’s Twitter feed
  18. Online Gaming
    1. Online Dating?
      1. Bumble
      2. Sex site?
    2. Women stared
  19. Le Youth – EDM album
  20. Painting is great
  21. The crown
    1. Good show
    2. Hated his portrait and burned it
    3. Now great work of art
  22. Mulch
    1. Rubber Mulch
      1. Sounds dirty
    2. Has no fertilizer qualities
    3. Keep moisture around
    4. Running 3 landscape crews
    5. Waiting for 100 yards of mulch
    6. 40 guys waiting
      1. Keeping them waiting
    7. Mulch is undependable
  23. Fight Like cats and dogs
    1. Cats and dogs don’t fight
    2. Raining cats and dogs
  24. Augé
    1. Swedish oven that is always on
  25. Peeking Duck
    1. Sponsors wife did not make it
    2. England has great Peking duck
      1. Shanghai-Duck?
      2. Tortilla
        1. Maybe rice?
      3. Plum sauce
      4. Long way sliced green onion
      5. Long way sliced cucumber
  26. We don’t fight anymore
    1. We are fighting now
  27. Moist
  28. Sulking
  29. Shit burrito
  30. Tina marrying MartÌn
    1. Tried to call
    2. Reschedule discussion until next week
  31. Ed
    1. Plate was full
    2. Angry f bombs
    3. Torpedoed again
  32. Do not start a sentence with “I think”
    1. Use “I understand”
    2. Always & Never do not work
    3. Percent wrong is uncalculatable
  33. Q – Are you currently in the therapy?
    A – No. I am not married.
  34. 5/25 Bollens construction done
    1. $5
    2. Kevin over
    3. David under
    4. Scott just right
  35. Q – How would you like to identify?
    A – As a rhinoceros.

the image from the top of the glass table is trippy.

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