May the Fourth be with you #always 2022

Rank Title
1 Star Wars
2 Revenge of the Sith
3 Empire strikes back
4 Phantom Menace
5 Rise of Skywalker
6 Return of the Jedi
7 Attack of the Clones
9 Force Awakens
9 Last Jedi

phantom menace
133 minutes.
Start at midnight
I give it an 3

attack.of the.clones
142 minutes.
Start at 2:15
I give it a 4

revenge of the Sith
is 140 minutes
Start at 4:33
I give it a 8

Star Wars
121 minutes
Start at 6:46
I give it a 10

Empire strikes back
124 minutes
Start at 8:49
I give it a 9

Return of the Jedi
132 minutes
Start at 11:00
(60 minute lunch break)
I give it a 5

Force Awakens
138 minutes
Start at 14:30
I give it a 6

Last Jedi
152 minutes
Start at 16:37
I give it a 2

Rise of Skywalker
142 minutes
Start at 19:04

21:17 end


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