There was a LOT going on at frogs today and much of it was very hard to follow.

One of the main goals was to determine the distinction between a rant, a ramble, and a share.

Share is a euphemism to

Will you be here in 15 minutes



Not a whole case of a quesadilla

Quiche vs. Quesadilla

Gender of breakfast dishes

Array of arroyos

Romance Language


Imposed by better thinkers

Antifa is pronounced anti-FA

You can see it in the eyes if it is a ramble

Rant is in the body language

Can you rant while rambling

Dialog needs to people

Diatribe requires two tribes

Soy milk is regular milk introducing itself in Spanish

Date humor

Linux likes it

Monolog is a share

The audience must be alive

Judging for two

May 10th birthdays—Cody, Greg, Lydia

Praying for a baby

Want a Taurus or tourist

Why would you want your baby to be a tourist

We are all tourists on this planet

Failed institution

Skin sack in a skin sack

How do you judge the success of a relationship

It depends on the people

Rambles and rants in a relationship

Shares in a relationship

Why was it acceptable to bring dogs to a meeting, coffee shop, etc.

Salvidor Dali had an aardvark on a leash in a park

Toilet tight



I do not use the word puke in a sentence. Regurgitated cows don’t puke


Scatalogic words to course or vulgar

Frogs share

Share of the week

Mike – Susan’s muffin

Lydia Women’s meeting mid 40’s bible study and daughter read intervention letters, and she laughed

Susan IANM Rob’s I pity the fool



David Tina’s pajama share in London

Mike Rob’s frog comment will you be here in 15 minutes

Scott was under house arrest when women joined

Plato’s discourse on Socrates

Discord admin is Lydia

What is an American decaf

Moon knight



Using queer in an odd sense

Apache two souls cannot be—they are not Canadian

Eve of destruction is a rant

Father and son by cat stevens is a share

Ramble on is a ramble

If it is not heavy metal, it cannot be great

Satisfaction is a rant

Johnny paycheck wrote the song take this job and shove it

We mostly failed though there were some decent submissions

When frogs go bad.

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