D&D Record! 50K damage in a single hit

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Another great week of D&D Encounter Living Adventure League. I am using the Icewind Dale Collectors Dice which I got a few weeks back.

Rehsif’s Diety

I always seem to forget how emo she is. This dude is dark and rad.

Like Promise Ring rad


Single table

Auril, the Frostmaiden – Third Form

Auril’s Third Form is a 3-foot-diameter ice diamond, capable of flying. She may still talk, but it no longer comes from any visible mouth. The Queen of Frozen Tears (as she is now called) flies around with ease, with improved AC and health. She’s a little weaker to magic in this form (though still has Magic Resistance), but her ranged damage skyrockets; she can deal 4d6 cold damage twice per attack! Thankfully, that’s her only actual attack, though creatures close to her take cold damage. If you have a way to stop her polar rays, she can’t do much to you. However, her legendary actions can cause blindness for a full minute, or deal a bunch of cold damage to targets nearby her.

If this form is destroyed, she is actually dead until the next winter solstice, and her followers lose god-given spells and abilities. To kill her quickly, you’ll need Thunder damage. Shatter that crystal!

50,000 Points of Damage in One Hit?

We did 50,000 points of damage in a single hit. An absolute record for any edition of D&D! Community goes WILD!

Here is how it worked. The wizard casts Melf’s Minute Meteors

The next round, as a bonus action, hurls a meteor at Auril. Rolls a one. Draws fumble card.

DM Brian rules that the elemental summoned by the fumble is a Fire Elemental.

Wizard then casts as a standard action Freedom of the Waves as a 15-foot whirlpool that is 10-feet high.

Since the Fire Elemental has Water Susceptibility

It takes one point of damage for every gallon of water in the whirlpool.

V = 3.14(15×15)10

50, 493 points of damage in a single hit. In a single round. A new record in D&D History!

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