There was a lot going on before we even got to the frogs. The discussion at the frogs was again fantastic and ard to follow and a little less unified than before–there were basically two conversations going on the entire time. At least.


A woman was watering the plants. Someone had died, she did not want to descend into the trash. She wanted to grow. She wanted to love. She shared this funeral flyer with me.

Mark’s book is still in use

There is a door twelve feet up. Why is there a door twelve feet up?


During the discussion, there was a lot of food–avocado toast, radishes, quiche, a quesadilla, a green goddess smoothy.

  • Nick
  • Over the hedge, over the edge
  • Avacado egg salad
  • Ring out the rug to get to the alcohol
  • Mag cards
  • Microfiche

These shoes are baseballs. The laces are Angels. This is amazing

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