Nick Cave at the Shrine

Jack and I drove up to USC to see Nick Cave. This was the Warren Ellis experience, which is fine but not my favorite–the show was OK, but I expect a LOT more from the godfather of goth. He did play the song that I will play at Lisa’s Funeral.

Flea joined him for an encore.

He also played a song, Hollywood, which I did not really know.

The venue was excellent–a lot of sit down stand up fight fight fight. Next show at the Shrine, I will get seats in the middle (I would also like to sit up in the balcony on the side one of these times– enjoy the Morrocan feel!). Before the show, I got a perfect carnage shirt (fun chat with a sales person in a Chemical Brothers hoodie), a pack of M&M’s, and we wandered around and got lost and busted by security. Jack said the best part was the pre-show shenanigans. A good show but not great.

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