View from office while Aloha Johnny presented

Step one – observe

 It’s all about clearing your mind, seeing details, and taking in your surroundings and feelings. 

Brinkley Fox

While Johnny was talking I looked out the window and saw an amazingly vibrant palm tree. Palm trees are Hawaiian like Aloha. Johnny is very vibrant. The image resonated with my experience in that strangely artistic reflective way–like nature was showing me what I was experiencing.

Step two – capture

Next, document your findings. 

Brinkley Fox

I quickly took the picture with my iPhone. I was shooting the image through the office window and edited out the window sill and the blinds–I felt like they were distracted me from the image. The image was calling to me and the office, window, blinds, etc. were a noise that was in the way. Also, the image of the palm tree felt much closer to me before I took the picture–capturing the image created a depth and distance which I was not feeling when I first saw the tree. There was more immediacy that I could not capture.

Step three – identify

build a palette by selecting individual colors that catch your attention. 

Brinkley Fox

This was a huge struggle. The colors I see are not easy to capture for some reason. The blue is too bright and natural sky-looking, the palm tree is not green enough, and the vibrant reflection does not work at all. Massive struggle bus.

name your colors

Brinkley Fox
  • Office blue – my thought was to somehow try to capture the sense that I was in an office with a color that seems so contrary to the very notion of work. The name I chose is too standard sounding and does not really capture what I was going for at all.
  • Palm green – here I deliberately wanted to keep it simple. Standard name lacking in creativity to empashis the normalcy of the image. contrasting with the name of the blue I hoped to somehow grab the magic of the scene. I feel I tried to hard and failed–palm green is already a color and not this. Lesson here is not to be afraid of being “overly” creative, I think.
  • Plant reflection – the dropper tool was unable to grab what I was trying to capture. I wanted to grab the really bright white summer glare color. For me that is where a lot of the action is–the tree is reflecting back to me, like the image is reflecting back to me, like everything is bouncing off of each other. This was the key and I feel like I missed it, but was close.

Step four – reflect

I am definitely still figuring out how to do this–it took longer than I think it should have–maybe thirty minutes including the post–I would like to get through it quicker. I did feel an opening creatively through this process and I did see the world differently in a very helpful way.

How do they make you feel?

Brinkley Fox

The colors do not really make me feel–I am surprised how drawn to green I am, I guess. I feel like Proust’s Search for Lost Time is influencing almost all of my processes–the recursive reflection of light and color really finds resonance in his writing.

Looking forward to do this more — curious how it will come out when I am in more of a hurry, in a bad, mood, etc.

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