GRAMMARLY WRITING STREAK 35 weeks52Next AchievementSee all achievements  
PRODUCTIVITY You were more productive than
98% of Grammarly users.
99,873words checked           FEB 0613FEB 2027 
MASTERY You were more accurate than
91% of Grammarly users.
365alerts shown           FEB 0613FEB 2027 
VOCABULARY You used more unique words than
93% of Grammarly users.2,671unique words used           FEB 0613FEB 2027 
 TONE Some of the tones that were detected in your writing last week:  1.Confident  23‌%+2% 2.Optimistic  18‌%+2% 3.Friendly  16‌%+2% 4.Neutral  13‌%-2% 5.Joyful  11‌%+7% 6.Direct  3‌%-2% 7.Formal  3‌%+1%    Share    Tweet 
   WORDS CHECKED WITH GRAMMARLY OVER TIME   1,925,692 total words checked by Grammarly
since Mar 10, 2017 (99,873 last week)  
  TOP 3 MISTAKES   1.Missing article Learn More53 alerts 2.Missing comma in compound sentence Learn More46 alerts 3.Missing comma in a series Learn More23 alerts 
  YOUR SPELLING ADVERSARIES   Jenkinsbased → Jenkinsbased tokenbased → tokenbased ecg → ECG

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