During Friday Frogs, I continue to collect data on self-care. So far, I have collected 93 self-care actions:

DateNumber of Items Collected

which I have grouped into 15 categories with a reasonably odd breakdown:

This week, I collected a few duplicates and some new and exciting actions (and some grouped into unique categories)-I feel like I am making progress.

Asking for help

This came up in the context of vulnerability, and the need and ability to ask for help can not only be a unique self-care activity. Still, it can influence and modify other self-care practices. This idea is super interesting going forward. Compound self-care is likely an area I need to figure out how to measure better.

Keeping young

I think that this was submitted playfully, but the idea of staying young does seem to underly a lot of the self-help activity. May even connect to asking for help. Likely another exciting area that has opened up


  1. Time heals all wounds
  2. Self Care
  3. Pnemonia and insensitivity
  4. Ukraine and co-workers
  5. Eating fast
  6. Pregenancy
  7. Attendance
  8. Math is overrated
    “Hitler did not use math, he used words”
  9. Tickeled
  10. Floopy
  11. Name game

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