GASBAG (General Activity Service Board Art Group) scheduled a trip to the Getty because Mike had never been there. The event had to be canceled (Alan and I made it to the Getty Villa on cancelation day) and rescheduled. 2/20/22 was a great day numerically, it was part of the three-day president weekend, and it was a perfect weather day in LA. My kids had planned to go but canceled last minute. I drove up separately. Mike, his wife, and Robert drove up in Mike’s car. The research center exhibit space and the photography space were closed, but I did get a chance to look 17th-century french drawings, the Poussin Bachus stuff, and some really cool illuminated texts.

Grand Design 17th-Century French Drawings

Very cool stuff–simple. I liked the Red, Black, and White style that was developed during this period.

Transcending Time The Medieval Book of Hours

this was an amazing exhibit–super solid examples, amazing history, really educational, and amazing. Loved this a lot. it is almost impossible to read these books

There was one piece that had text in French and Latin in two columns which I loved. The use of red as a highlight color is amazing.

Poussin and the Dance

This was an odd show. The pieces were all of a kind and kind of become the same thing over and over. The work felt corporate in a very weird way. The inclusion of modern dance reactions felt forced.

I did learn the words “herm” (a squared stone pillar with a carved head on top [typically of Hermes], used in ancient Greece as a boundary marker or a signpost), but the use of the word “term” still baffles me. but I did not learn much about art–some stuff about freezing action, lightning, history of French / Roman art connections.

the one exception was the rape of Sabine stuff which was amazing (again forced with some choreography of art argument or something). But an amazing work–and the Degas copy was also amazing. Crucial stuff.

The dance stuff was all filmed in LA around the Getty which is cool, but was a little too serious and lacked any real connection to the paintings in the exhibit. Also, the dances all felt kind of similar in terms of style–like a much wider diversity of dance, ballet, hip-hop, or something would have been more impactful, I think.


On the drive home I saw an x in the clouds

I bought a weird pencil and a copy of Ovid’s Metamorphisis. A good day

very excited for this upcoming show

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