Listening to Music

I continue to research this. I have categories and I have started to identify specific actions. This week I have determined that listening to music is often considered self-care.

Here are 15 from AAPR

  1. A 15-minute meditative self-manicure
  2. A paint-by-numbers kit that can be worked on during free time
  3. A needlepoint or knitting project (thank you, YouTube, for instructional videos)
  4. A quiet moment of prayer or meditation
  5. A few yoga moves or stretching exercises
  6. Breathing exercises
  7. A quick walk in the safety of a yard, outside of an apartment or jumping up and down indoors
  8. Dancing your heart out for 15 minutes to a memorable song from your teenage years
  9. A bubble bath while reading a book or magazine
  10. A 15-minute catnap
  11. A phone call with an old (or new) friend
  12. Rereading books loved as a child, like Little Women
  13. Flipping through a beautiful coffee table book of photographs
  14. Listening to an audiobook with headphones
  15. Reading poetry — snack-sized bits of inspiration and wisdom
  16. Journaling — One friend told me about a five-year journal that provides only four or five lines to transcribe thoughts or happenings from each day. It doesn’t let you stare at a blank page but gives you enough space for gratitude and venting.

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