Collection of six bags which I want to reduce to one–there is likely categories that I can ignore–Work, Play, Exercise–and try to just have one of each of those.


My work bag has a lot of stuff–folders, magazines, hat, pencil, etc.


Here is my daily bag and the things I keep in my wallet–the notebook, kindle, and Blackwing notebook are required. The Running glasses are kept in a box near the door. The rest of the other items are all in my pocket–pencil, fieldnotes, reading glasses, business cards, wallet, keys, iPod, ray bans and then stuff in the Oakley bag–rocks, d20, hacky sack, headphones, pencil sharpener, lead, tool, etc.

Reading Tote

I keep stationary, my current reading, a book weight, colored pencils, and some articles that I plan to mail or scrapbook.

Magic: The Gathering Bag

Simple Target $9.99 bag with Magic: the Gathering Commander Decks, play mats, and some dice.

D&D Bag

Rule Books, Character Portfolio, laptop, dice, headphones, Notebooks, etc make up my favorite bag.

Swim bag

Oakley bag that Michele gave me for Christmas 20 years ago or more–Kick Board, Leg float, Swim fin, Hand paddle, googles, soap, shampoo, swim suits, etc.

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