Hypnotwist / Scarlet By Starlight by Gilbert Hernández

Hypnotwist / Scarlet By StarlightHypnotwist / Scarlet By Starlight by Gilbert Hernández
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another totally bizarre comic from GH. Continuing the trend of LOTS of weird sexual content combined with bizarre psychedelic plots this book delivers some amazing images.

Scarlet by Starlight is a narrative tale of planetary exploration, interspecies conflicts, and disturbing human behavior. The text centers on God & the plot centers on sickness–the coda is fantastic. A quick fun read.

Hypnotwist is purely pictorial and contains some amazing images and sequential story telling. A very very good piece of comic work and unlike just about anything else I have ever read–dream like, sexy, and just out there. A very good comic.

Recommended to fans of indie comics.

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