Rime of the Frostmaiden

We are in Targus. We search for Rumors!


Red water fisherman–north west of bremen land locked pirate ship

Historian–frost giants used to live here. Jarls meet in the west and their throne is still there

Kobolds– go wreck goblin fortress in the mountains

Man outside tavern is rambling. I keep telling you the ever lasting rime is not the Frost Maiden. work Balish Gant locked in Revels End find out what he knows Arcane Brotherhood. Arrested and Sent there by Speaker of Bryn Shander. Revel’s End is run by the Lord’s Alliance.

Dark Duchess

Pirate Ship trapped in the ice with something large moving inside and some screaming. Smash the side of the boat & release it.

Ice Troll!

We got good treasure!

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