RotFM – Ascent of Kelvin’s Cairn

This week at D&D Encounters Adventure League Living Forgotten Realms the Alkazam Adventuring Crew lead by DM Richard continued the ascent of Kelvin’s Cairn — to rescue a guide who had not returned.

we found an abandoned dog sleed destroyed by assumed yeti’s and freed the dogs who ran back to Ten Towns–I cast sleep an subdued one of them and the druid caught anther. We brought the dogs with us up the hike.

We were attacked by an avalanche–poor planning almost killed us. We found a cave, but continued to the peak where we found this ugly sight

Lots of questions & not many answers.

Returning to the cave we fought a Yeti family who had been torturing a halfling and beheading adventurers

The much advertised horror aspects of this game are really starting to materialize.

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