Let’s Go For a Climb

D&D Encounters Adventure League Living Forgotten Realms from Alakazam Comics continues our adventures in the Ten Towns.

We freed the speaker of Caer-Dineval from cultists who had him signing papers. He awarded us membership in the most sacred Cavalier’s of the Red Fish Order.

While in the Speakers Keep killing cultists we received a dire warning from Hethyl Arkorran (a dwarf witch) working for the cultists

who warned of Xardorok Sunblight, a duergar warlord, who will conquer Icewind Dale unless the characters defeat him. The Order of the Enlightened Moose also found Avarice, a white tiefling wizard, who warned of a Ice Devil take over.

Our wizard attuned to a shard from the Mind Flyers that we found in the mines which is pointing in a direction that we think has something wicked

Then we went back to town where we got some more quests

  1. Climb with Adventurers
  2. Giant stole mead

We followed up and are half way to Kelvin’s Cairn

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