Greyhawk Turtle Battle

DM Travis sat behind the virtual screen again to take the Park D&D Crew back to the land of Greyhawk where we continue our battle in the Water Elemental realm–we are battling a Dragon Turtle

which the kids represent as a real natural horror

Player Josh (who had missed the last few weeks) joined from our home–so we set up a Physically Distant Gaming Environment (PDGE)

Player Aaron joined with IO the 7th Level Human Druid.

Player Cody summoned his Owlbear and charged in–he had been planning this attack for two weeks–critting and doing about 150 HP in one round!

Alton hid in the water–casting Polymorph on BHoOOHh (the Dragon Turtle name changed a LOT)–Plz No Kill Uwo saved, unfortunately.

At one point the Dragon Turtle fled and we had to track him down and kill him

Next week we will level up and collect our treasure!

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