Compromised Foundation

This is something I really need to think about….it seems like a fairly strong position–kind of the poisoned fruit argument which I thought was only valid in court, but I will review…tough one for me, in a way others are much more clear. Maybe my sense of the urgency of forgiveness prevents me from seeing this position clearly…not sure..more reflection required…

I mean it seems to me that Dungeons and Dragons foundation in mid period War Gamer Culture is “compromised” in all sorts of ways.

Gygax clearly had his issues, yet in the end–the game has helped literally millions connect to their artistic, creative, story telling side.

D&D has taught me everything about community and inclusive creative space, yet it definitely has a more compromised foundation then most of the other teachers I have…

And some of the teachers in the D&D World have had missteps for which the community seems unwilling to forgive…

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