Saltmarsh Return to the Haunted House

First of all, congratulations D&D for another amazing Fund Raiser–the contributions from this community never cease to amaze me!

Here is my setup for the current campaign–small laptop monitor with lots of fluids!

DM Richard is getting really good at ROLL20–we are using fog of war lighting to something which makes it really cool

Also, the default dice are nice, but I wish we could customize them.

The party spends a lot of time in crazy chat conversations–Brian was having trouble connecting & tried to set the ROLL20 Loading Page as his character avatar / token.

We used Venmo to collect cash to buy DM Richard an Amazon Gift Card for all he did for us last season – Baldur’s Gate – Descent into Avernus was amazing.

This season I am playing Walker a female elf Circle of Dreams druid. She actually died during season one–she had jumped into a well of snakes to heal our paladin.

They party through her off a cliff for her funeral. Not sure about that…

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